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Walking by Faith

'We walk by faith, not by sight'  2 Corinthians 5:7

            Spirituality is an anomaly.  In our earthly life, we measure progress by our senses, but in the life of the spirit, we walk by faith, not by sight. Things could seem well when it is not, and appear wrong when all is okay.  Hard to explain because I don't really understand it myself.

            Maybe an example is the time I was having a hard time with my teenage daughter.  It seemed like our relationship was going very wrong.  I felt at the end of my rope and on the verge or murder.  But we were being purified - the breaking down of our relationship, as painful as it was, was so that a new, improved relationship structure could be built: one where we empathized with each other and became more flexible in our understanding of our mother-daughter relationship.  Today, we live under the same roof in peace and we even enjoy each other's company at times.  Maybe another way of understand 'walking by faith, and not by sight is', 'things are not always what they seem'.

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