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Children's Day in Korea - like Christmas Without Santa?

What day is like Christmas without Santa? May 5th -- Children's Day in Korea!

To celebrate this upcoming holiday, I'll be giving away some Korean presents. And you don't even have to be a child! Stay tuned and check for details coming soon on my friend, Joy Sun Bear's, site. Hint: a Korean-English picture book is one of the giveaway items.

It seems all of Korea celebrates children by throwing a big party. There are children’s programs, parties, picnics, parades, pageants, plays, athletic performances, writing and drawing competitions, as well as special foods. Many parents dress their kids up in traditional Korean clothes and visit theme parks, gardens, nature reserves, zoos, museums, and cinemas. Shopkeepers may give gifts to children who visit their store, and parents give presents to their children as if it were Christmas Day. Oh, to be a child in Korea on May 5th!

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